Trex Decking

Trex is Fast Becoming America’s Favorite Deck Product

What do you get when you cross a grocery bag with waste wood? These two common by-products combine in a unique and environmentally sound way to form what is called Trex® wood-polymer composite. The product is fast becoming one of the most popular materials for building a deck in Michigan.

Trex Company, Inc., the largest manufacturer of alternative decking lumber in North America, turns millions of pounds of recycled and reclaimed plastic and waste wood each year into Trex decking and railing. The company estimates that it receives about 50 percent of the recycled grocery bags available on the market and approximately 300 million pounds of hardwood sawdust each year, materials that would normally end up in a landfill.

Environmental kudos aside, Trex decking and railing is a recognized performer. The latest in Trex offerings could easily be mistaken for an advertisement for popular performance art or an invitation to the latest in modern sculpture or painting. Words like flexibility, whimsy, color, pattern, curves and texture aptly describe the newest in Trex products and features.

Personal Style

Trex also recently announced a new and distinct collection of color and texture choices for Trex decking and railing. Trex Origins™ combines colors, curves and patterns with a smooth surface; Trex Brazilia™ for the exotic look and shades of hardwood. Trex Brazilia comes in two rich colors: Cayenne and Burnished Amber. Another popular option is Trex Accents™, a reversible board with woodgrain texture on one side and a smooth surface on the other. Trex Origins™ comes in five colors: Natural, Winchester Grey, Saddle, Madeira and Woodland Brown. Trex Accents is available in four colors: Winchester Grey, Saddle, Madeira and Woodland Brown.

Mix and Match Colors

Another recent Trex innovation is the option to creatively manipulate color to fashion depth and interest in your deck. Try mixing Madeira with Winchester Grey for a striking pattern, or choose one color for Trex decking and another for the railing. Trex offers the Trex Color Palette that helps customers to see the actual color the deck will take on after eight to 12 weeks of exposure to the elements. Pick a shade of Trex that complements or accents the exterior of your home, or pick one to match or blend with the home’s siding.

Trex decking and railing is a true value-added feature for residential or commercial decking. It features unmatched good looks and longevity, will never rot, crack or splinter and is insect resistant. Trex never needs painting or staining for protection and it is the only decking lumber of its kind to be code-listed by the nation’s three major building code agencies.